I used to run a thinspo blog, and it made me miserable. Amid a sea of collarbones, hip bones and thigh gaps, my hourglass figure didn't feel sexy, it felt fat. With the same measurements as Sofia Vergara, I'm done with feeling ashamed of my body. This is my celebration of curves, welcome.


I’d just like to apologize to all my followers for being quite unactive lately. It’s a very busy time with exams, etc for me right now, but I can promise you that this blog will be back to its usual self in just over two weeks. 

Thank you for your patience!

PS: All of the beautiful submissions I have received are sitting in my inbox and as soon as I have time they will all be posted. 

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Gorgeous shot of beautiful model Maggie Brown!

Check out my blog for more body positivity and curves :)
Gorgeous shot of model Maggie Brown! Simply stunning!
Check out my blog for more body positivity and curves :)
Calitaos sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"Working on something novel; feeling good and sexy with what I got. Thanks for this space for all of us to recognize our inner goddess."
Keep working towards body positivity, and thanks for sharing!
Helloalone sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"Appreciating tummy and thighs today!"
I hope you can appreciate them everyday! Thanks for sharing.
Vivalapantslessjess sent in this gorgeous photoset. Thanks for sharing!
Ms-rawhead sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"Loving every bit of my body…"
Glad to hear it, and thanks for sharing!
Yagirlmelberne sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:
"All my life I’ve been called fat, and for the most part of my life, I didn’t like my body. The year I turned 23, I decided to tune out the bullshit noise from other people and my own self-doubt. My weight always fluctuates, and so I was never comfortable with how I looked. I was always chubby. And I’ll probably always will be. I decided I didn’t want to waste any more time not being happy with myself. Even when I had lost about 30lbs like 2 years ago, I was still not comfortable with my body. Because I still didn’t have a flat stomach. I look back at those pictures now and I’m like "I looked pretty f-ckin great." That moment in itself taught me a lesson: I will love & appreciate my body. It is beautiful. It’s the one I’ve been given, and I am so lucky. I am able to walk with it, dance with it, and exercise with it. I feel good after a workout, but there will be days that I don’t workout and that’s just fine. The skinny girls and boys who can’t gain weight are just fine. How we look is part of what makes us unique and we are so lucky! We should embrace that. Now, there will be days where you or I am down on myself, but we must always keep that inner-goddess voice in the back of our minds. Before anyone else can reassure you, or validate you, or call you pretty, or love you, we must do all of that for ourselves first."
Love your message, nothing else to add!
Paige-darling sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"Size 12, curvy from head to toe, and learning to love every inch."
Keep up the body positivity, and thank for sharing!
Itsalreadybroken sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"i’m 17 and since i’m fatty no one has ever like me… not even once…
so i’m tryng to be more likable
and i’m trying to like myself
but i still hate sometimes all of me”
It’s a very difficult task to change your mindset to be more body positive, but it’s a worthwhile effort. Keep working towards respecting and loving yourself, and the respect and love of others will follow. You’re beautiful!
Pastelvamp sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"The last time I posted to this blog I was at the start of my body image recovery journey. Now I’m nearly at the end! My main issue was always with my large breasts (they’re a 32F) and smaller frame. I felt like they were out of proportion to the rest of my body, but now I’ve learnt to embrace them. I took this picture because I felt sexy and comfortable in this bra and decided it was high time I showed the world how proud I am of my body and how far I’ve come in 6 months."
Congratulations on your progress towards body positivity! Keep it up :)
Madgrowler sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"In middle school, my mom fought tooth and nail with me over me getting a bikini. She wasn’t worried about modesty, she was concerned that I’d be showing people my fat stomach. 
Over the past few years I’ve learned that I have one body, so I’d better love it. I feel sorry for my mom’s inability to recognize our beauty.”
Many people buy into the body-shaming tactics that are so pervasive in the media. It’s hard to be body positive when surrounded by messages that tell you your body is unacceptable if it doesn’t fit society’s ideal. I’m glad that you have learned to respect your body and have such confidence in it.
little-l0 sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"I’m trying so hard recently to love my body. And in the past I’ve claimed that I’m getting there. But its still hard when you go to school and see model thin girls and guys compare you to them. I have the same exact measurements as Kim Kardashian, which is hard to believe at times bc it goes unrecognized."
Keep working towards body positivity! It can be a hard mindset to maintain, but it’s completely worth it.
Demigod-hotrod sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"This picture of me is before a school dance last year at one of my lowest weights. I have struggled with an eating disorder for 6 years and everyday is a challenge for me. After being hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, I was diagnosed as a severe bulimic. Kept under close watch by the nurses, weighed daily, and required group therapy, I was released after six days. Though I still have a lot of body image issues, I am finally beginning to love my body. My wide set hips, my broad muscular shoulders, my stocky legs, my big booty and even my jiggly belly. I am slowly but surely learning to love it all. Curves are sexy, cellulite is sexy, and most of all stuffing your face with a huge Whisky River Burger IS SEXY.No matter how much barbecue sauce you get on your face. Stay curvy ladies, and love your bodies<3 "
Amazing message, keep up the body positivity! :)
Hello-eudaimonia sent in this gorgeous submission. Here’s what she said:
"So this is me last summer. 
I’ve wasted so much time hating my body and the way my figure looks. It’s time to embrace it.”
Great realization to come to! Keep up the body positivity :)