It's easy to feel poorly about one's body when constantly bombarded by images emphasizing an often unattainable physical ideal. This blog is my attempt to promote body positivity by providing a forum for celebrating a more diverse range of body types. No one should be made to feel less worthy of love or respect due to not meeting an arbitrary standard of beauty. If you agree, check out my blog!

Lovely submission from lilredcometolife. Here’s what she said:
"I’m 5ft 1 and curvy. I love my body now more than I ever have in my life."
I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for sharing :)
Missdejahsimone sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:
"everyone here is sooo beautiful, and i think we all deserve the right to feel comfortable and beautiful in our skin"
Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said: I have well balanced curves I think, im not too overweight at all. but I have stretch marks all over my tummy (not from pregnancy) and I absolutely hate them, and my body because of that. are stretch marks really that bad?

Stretch marks are not bad in any way! Many women have them, regardless of whether or not they’ve been pregnant. I have some myself!

Check out this wonderful project created by two women wanting to showcase stretch marks as normal and beautiful:

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Anonymous said: A part of me wants to get fit and healthy to be the "cute/pretty/hot" gf. Not just for me (my bf already thinks I'm hot and beautiful) but also to be like, "yea I'm hot" to my boyfriend's friends. Cause I was never seen as the pretty girlfriend. They are nice to me but a part of me wants to wow them. I feel like that's wrong but I'm not sure. What do u think?

My concern with this is that it sounds like you want to change your body to please others, rather than yourself. Your body is completely your own, and so any decisions to change your body should also be completely your own. 

If you want to change your body for fitness and health reasons, there is of course absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, trying to conform to standards of beauty established by the media can be very damaging both mentally and physically. My advice would simply be to carefully consider your reasons and who you are aiming to please prior to beginning any fitness/nutrition journey. 

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soyeahheyguys said: hey I just wanted to say that your blog has really helped me feel better about myself. I now have a healthier mindset and I feel confident about my weight. so thank you.

I’m so thrilled that my blog’s been able to contribute in any way towards your health and happiness. Congratulations on your progress! :)

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This is a photo of Rosalind Franklin, the scientist I was discussing in my previous post. She’s in Norway in this photo!

whisky-on-the-crocs said: Hi! I love your blog, but my question has nothing to do with it :) Your FAQ says that you're a science student. Do you have any modern female scientist role models? Like, Bill Nye and Brian Cox etc. are great but they're all male.. And people like Marie Curie have been dead for a really long time. Thanks, I hope you're not too busy :)

I love this question! I think that there continues to be a problematic preponderance of male scientists, especially among those celebrated by the media. In terms of historical female scientists, I admire Rosalind Franklin’s work using X-ray diffraction to investigate the structure of DNA. Unfortunately, her contributions weren’t recognized with a Nobel prize (which instead went to Watson, Crick and Wilkins - whose work was greatly aided by Franklin’s research).

I know of some modern female scientists who have done some very interesting research (Vera Rubin - dark matter, Flossie Wong-Staal - HIV/AIDS, etc, etc), as well as some role models in my personal life. Unfortunately though, I don’t know of any female scientists celebrated to the same degree as Bill Nye or other well-known male scientists. This lack of female role models in science is a serious issue, as it may contribute to the lower levels of women in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

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Lovely submission from sweetonebitterlove. Here’s what she said:
Over the past few years ive been gaining weight rapidly, i dont know why or how to stop it but I’d love some help with how to accept it.”
Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be making a post with some strategies for body positivity in the next few days. Keep an eye out! :)
Back from Spain!

Hi everyone! I’m back from my three-week hiatus, and will be re-loading the queue with posts and submissions either today or tomorrow.

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Swimsuits for all!
Katya Zharkova for PLUS Model Magazine
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Lovely shot of Sophie from Curve Germany
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Gorgeous outfits from
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